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How do I play gta 5 on my phone?


I know there’s a way because my friend was doing it yesterday on the playstation app. I have an iphone. I downloaded the playstation app and when I search for gta 5, it shows up but it wants me to pay 60 dollars for it, but I don’t want to pay that because I already bought the disk. It’ll say “Download” and “Buy disk” but they’re both 60. My friend didn’t pay anything. So how do I do this?

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  1. There's an iPhone app called ifruit that goes along with gta v. The app allows you to play with your dog, and customize your cars with crew logos, it also has a tool to help you find hidden objects in story mode. It is not the actual game, but something to help you when you're playing, or something to do when you'reaway from the ggame

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