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Halo Wars 2 – 3v3 Deathmatch Gameplay (Xbox One)


Halo Wars 2 - 3v3 Deathmatch Gameplay (Xbox One)


  1. So u said u played a lot there and I bet u have been playing also being able to play earlier then others I have been playing the game lately cause I got it early and I truly feel like when u get good players that the covenant is way to over powered compared to the unsc and the scarabs need to be nerfed bad if u would pin the comment I also wanna hear other people's opinions but I do love the game so far oh yea and if u do play consol on Xbox one you should play with me id love good team mates

  2. tip, when moving your hornets, DO NOT include your marines in the group, or they will all move at the slowest units speed, that's why you felt they where moving slower for the first 10 min

  3. your hornets were slow because you had infantry attached to them..if you just highlight the hornets only they would move as one if not they move based on the slowest unit attached..

  4. Im a fan of rts in genrale never played first one, but played the beta and it was a lot of fun! I was surprised u could get massive armys on the console, an the controls work great!

  5. The sad part is that the population didn'tseem like it increased, if a hornet takes 4 units and in the previous game it took 2, then there was no increase

  6. Would be nice to see air units get nerfed when in great numbers. Maybe some kind of passive thing like "Clear Skies" which means air units are stronger when not around many other air units. Sort of a balance to counter this sort of thing.

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