Facebreaker Gameplay: Xbox 360

Facebreaker Gameplay: Xbox 360


I actually get raped.. It was only on Medium and that was bloody hard..

Facebreaker Gameplay: Xbox 360


  1. bonjour y a t il un code de triche sur xbox 360 pour débloquer les personnages et les rings svp mci.

  2. I remember one of my friends from primary school used to have this for his xbox, I used to love playing this game with him :) 

  3. why is a boxing game if one gets tko but it doesnt count?, and even they use kicks 0_o, weirdest game ever

  4. I found tht computer was easy to fight in arcade but brawl for it all they were on steroids dunno how I beat this game

  5. No, the robot is the hardest. His name is B.F.R and he is the final boss, I haven't defeated him yet.

  6. this game even on ez is far to hard i cant get passed the 1st fuckin guy…u kick the shit out of him one block and ur ass is grass…i dont like it…fingers get to tired and button mashing is fuckin garbage.. 0 outta 10 from me..

  7. yes you can there is a monkey named tiki. unlock all the characters before you start talking SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. that was like the main complaint alot of reviewers had with the game was that the ai was unfair as hell and reacted instantly to anything you did.

  9. this game is funy….it not respect the boxing rules (no belly atacks no kicks just a no holds barred matche with gloves XD)

  10. the faces always are the same when they lose, I played it with a friend and played a couple games and then came to notice that there was no variety in the "Face Breaking" which kinda made us stop playing faster, otherwise we would still be playing to see how fucked up we could make their faces.

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