Dr. Ned’s Zombie Island add on help?

Dr. Ned’s Zombie Island add on help?


My friend wanted to download Dr. Ned Zombie Island for Borderlands but even though he had a live account, he couldn’t connect, so we switched hard drives so he can download it on my Xbox but with his memory, it worked on my Xbox fine but when we switched them back and started up Borderlands it said the some down loadable content was corrupt, it would let him play the game but not Zombie Island add on, we switched hard drives once more and it worked on mine but not his.

We already tried clearing the cache (although were not sure how this helps) and downloading it again and even trying a different ethrenet cord, is there something else we should try or would you know the answer to me and my friends struggle.


  1. When you purchase DLC on another console, then migrate your hard drive or profile to another, you can still play it as you’re the one who purchased it, but it needs to be able to connect to Xbox Live to verify. If his console cannot connect to Xbox Live, then it cannot verify. There is no corruption to the data, it just can’t verify that he’s the one who purchased it.

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