Home Playstation Forum Does light guns work on LCD screens?

Does light guns work on LCD screens?


Do the “namco” light guns for Playstation 1 work on plasma LCD screens?

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  1. Technically, they can, but the question itself doesn’t address the real problem.

    The issue is that old-style lightguns like the NES Zapper and both of the first two GunCons require a 480i display. Plasma and LCD are fixed-pixel technologies, so they can only display in their “Native Resolution”, which is going to be something higher than 480i on any set that can handle signals other than 480i. If you could find a standard definiteion LCD or Plasma set, it would work.

    So it’s more that, aside from CRT TVs, the old-style light guns won’t work on any EDTV or HDTV.

  2. I think only the Guncon 3 works on LCD screens. Guncon 3 was specifically made for HD TVs.

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