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Dark Souls 2: New PS4 Gameplay 1080p 60fps


Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin is arriving on PS4 imminently, now in 1080p and at 60fps. Don’t believe us? Check out this brand new gameplay!

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Dark Souls 2: New PS4 Gameplay 1080p 60fps


  1. even tho they are not good its fun watching someone new to the game instead of a guy who thinks he is pro at ds2

  2. I've never played any games like this do you think ds2 is a good place to start? or should I go straight to ds3 or even bloodborn First?

  3. Feel like I would destroy this game the monsters and bosses seem to be way faster In bloodborne XD

  4. Finished bloodborn three times now and rly? Dark souls 2 seems like a joke… Bloodborn is more difficult and way better in every way

  5. I have finished bloodborne and find it an excellent game for the most part despite It being the first souls game I have ever played.
    Im wondering If I should now get dark souls 2 for my PS4?
    Try to imagine yourself in my spot, not having played DS1 and instead doing the game series backwards. 
    Getting DS1 is an option but maybe not a great one since I really like to invade and doing PvP, at least I did in bloodborne.
    Thanks for your advice!

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