CGR Undertow – SHAUN WHITE SKATEBOARDING for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

CGR Undertow – SHAUN WHITE SKATEBOARDING for Xbox 360 Video Game Review


Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow review of SHAUN WHITE SKATEBOARDING for Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Shaun White Skateboarding is also on the Nintendo Wii, PC (Microsoft Windows) and PlayStation 3 (PS3). It was released on October 24, 2010 from Ubisoft. Ubisoft went in a different direction with a sports game driven by a storyline. The game takes place in Harmony City where an organization known as the Ministry has robbed it and its inhabitants of imagination, color, etc. Shaun White was fighting this force until he was captured by the Ministry. Now you, the player, must fight back against this organization and restore creativity and wonder to Harmony City. This CGR Undertow video game review features Shaun White Skateboarding video gameplay footage and commentary from Classic Game Room’s Ray.

CGR Undertow - SHAUN WHITE SKATEBOARDING for Xbox 360 Video Game Review


  1. I know this guy gets a lot of flak, but anyone who can make me give a shit about a game I would normally never give a second glance at, is a pretty good reviewer in my book!

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  3. i got both sk3 and swsk and sk3 gets very boring after some time..amazing game though. but this,maaan id play it all day long

  4. Does anyone still play this on Xbox if so add me and we can play together my gamer tag on Xbox is pearlpath

  5. Having not seen the game in motion, I would have bought this game when it first came out if they had simply said what you essentially did: De Blob meets Skate. I would have bought this pretty quick as De Blob is overlooked for that awesome ability to color your world (in the case of De Blob 2 also the soundtrack). Too bad this one wasn't a bigger success. -Adam

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