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Can a PC be better than a PS3 , What specs must have?



  1. any decent modern pc is better than a ps3.

    you ever used the ps3’s browser? freeze,reset,freeze freeze. almost as bad as the psp’s browser constantly not enough memory.

    a laptop with quad cores,i-7, 4-8gb of ram and 6-8mb of l3 cache + removing the slugware they tend to come with and a good graphic cars will do the trick and if its a desktop you can make a true MONSTER

  2. Hell no ps3’s are better most games what out on pc you have to have the latest graphics cards ram etc and different games request different types of ram and different graphics cards I had a pc bought a game and my pc needed this graphics card everygame for the pc as or needs different ram hdd space all that other bullcrap

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