Any Scary games for the Xbox 360?

Any Scary games for the Xbox 360?


Is there any Scary games for the Xbox 360? I am craving for a really scary game that i can get into with a good story (and possibly that has sequels.) I have played all the Dead Space games so far and have only played the Demo to Condemned: Criminal Origins but not sure if i should get it.

Can someone please tell me if the 1st Condemned is good or even scary :/? Also what other games would you suggest and please tell me why, (like what they are about), so i can look them up. I need a good scare, thanks >:3!

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  1. i dont know if condemned is scary, look up reaction videos on youtube to find out.

    If your pc is any good, get amnesia or download slendor and play them, idk if amnesia is for xbox, but slender is free.

  2. darkness is a pretty good game , there making a series out of it. also check out “the saw”. they have a series too!

  3. Bioshocks kinda creepy but a faveorite of mine is doom 3 not sure if there’s a 360 version but it works on the 360 so doesn’t matter unless you want achiavements, also maybe check out fear and rage if you like jumpy games.

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