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9 New Games We Can’t Wait to Play on Xbox One X


The Microsoft E3 showcase consisted of 42 games, but which one’s made Ian go, “I want to play that!” Find out as he lists 9 New Games We Can’t Wait to Play on Xbox One X. Featuring such things as Anthem gameplay, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds console gameplay, Assassin’s Creed Origins gameplay and Crackdown 3 gameplay.

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9 New Games We Can't Wait to Play on Xbox One X

Top 17 NEW Upcoming XBOX ONE X Games of 2017 & Beyond (E3 2017)

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  1. real 4k for fake gamers, also they should of called it the xxxxxx_box _xxxxx like how the kids gamertags have all the x's meaning they're better

  2. I'm looking forward to the e3 games. looking forward to current games being suped up to 4K too. i.e Resident Evil 7 and Doom


    Seriously, I'm just waiting for the 'pre-orders available' email to pop into my inbox from Amazon.

  4. 9 new games we NEVER can't wait to play on Trashbox One X:
    1) Last Of Us 2
    2) Uncharted : Lost Odyssey
    3) God of War 4
    4) Spider-man
    5) Gran Turismo 7
    6) Days Gone
    7) Horizon Zero Dawn
    8) Dead Stranding
    9) Shadow Of Collosus

  5. look i like xbox but they keep changi g the name for xbox although like theyre all the same they are just like putting new stuff liek better graphics and stuff its kinda the same. im not hating im just saying

  6. so any game that looks good here i will be able to get on my ps4 pro so it don't look like its worth buying and ps4 already has better exclusive games to look foward to

  7. Wonderful games, just wonderful! But the XBox X must be capable of start and run games offline, without enforcing permanent internet connection (or the game cannot run or save, or crashes to the operating system every time the internet connection is lost) otherwise I will think twice about buying that system and stay with PlayStation where gaming with failing or switched off internet is no problem at all 🙂
    Without enforcing permanent internet connection the XBox X will be a wonderful system.

  8. is the xbox one x needed? if so im fucking totally gonna sell my one for it

  9. State of Decay 2 had some major animation issues. The grenade throw (no hip turn or realistic pivoting) and lip syncing later when the girl jumped in the back of the truck, were just a few I saw. Hope that was a beta…

  10. If I had a heart I'm sure Ori and the will of the wisps would touch it.

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