Xbox One Review (2014)

Xbox One Review (2014)


Xbox One Review (2014)

I decided to record the Xbox One’s setup process to see how long it would take. As far as the whole process goes, it is pretty straightforward. I had some issues here and there but I figured them out after some tinkering.

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Xbox One Console Setup Process


  1. does anyone know why my account just randomly signs out. like the notification comes up "bye Sam" out of nowhere. because it signed me out it then restarts the game. really annoying if you haven't saved.

  2. hello.i would like xbox controller for free do you have any damaged one that you dont want because i saw the video that saying i could get one for free

  3. What the hell happened to game instruction manuals, like we used to get with the final fantasies, halos, fifas, gears, metal gear solids and uncharteds? Have they gone extinct? Are game instruction guides now all digital…

  4. Doesn't the Kinect watch you and hear what your saying at all times that's what I have been told

  5. everytime i try to connect to the wifi it says no signal. putting in the right password still the same. wifi is working on everything else. any ideals

  6. soo pretty much i cant do anything till my wifi is hooked up because im trying to skip this dumb ass wifi part of it…

  7. I got an Xbox one today and I had to do a million different updates and its been hours upon hours and its still not ready

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