XBox One Racing Wheel Buyers Guide by Inside Sim Racing

XBox One Racing Wheel Buyers Guide by Inside Sim Racing


XBox One Racing Wheel Buyers Guide by Inside Sim Racing


  1. I have the first one and it is a utter disappointment.. It's quality and durability is very bad. Do NOT buy it! Even if you dont really care about what wheel you have it just does not work after a few months

  2. I had the 458 spider wheel but the resistance is no longer there after drifting hardcore after a year. Definitely wasn't worth the $. Expexting the G290 to arrive sometime today. If anyone wants the 458 Spider wheel (which still needs the resistance to be fixed) I'll sell it for $35-50.

  3. Is there a steering wheel that reacts to the realignment in the steering with drifting. for instance. when you are drifting on a game and when you transition you can let the wheel go instead of feeding the wheel, and catch it where you need to catch it. will atleast recenter the wheel when you let go if it doesnt go all the way in the opposite direction? understand what i mean ?

  4. I'm looking for a wheel that I can use for my pc now and then also be able to use when the Xbox scorpio comes out anything yet or too early

  5. Is logitech G920 good? I'm about to get one. Wheel and pedals, no shifter. (And I'll need a decent Wheelstand probably.)

  6. im looking into buy a racing wheel but I was wondering if say I use the thrustmaster tmx force feed back wheel the Logitech g driving force shifter and thrust master t3pa wide 3 pedal for my xbox one will that work or do I have to have all of the same brand gear??  pls help iv never had a wheel setup! if theres anything cheaper that had a good shifter and a clutch pls link thanks

  7. why does it seem like every racing wheel has tons of lag?? Like when you play on a controller there is an instant response but with these wheels there is a delay when the steering wheel turns. Why is that?

  8. Do you have a 2017 update coming ? I plan on buying a wheel for Forza but would also like to hear what you guys think about the new one that have been released since you made this video.

  9. they do a review while having lots of thrustmaster wheels behind them, sponsorship is a bitch.
    I got to try the TX300rs and including the far inferior Thrustmaster TX with it's plasticy "ferrari" wheel.
    Then i tried the G29 and G920.
    The force feedback on the thrustmaster wheels are really strong knowing sport cars have power steering ages ago.
    Thrustmaster filter bumps, offroad well but it just doesn't give all the feedback forces and sensations a Logitech wheel gives. Thrustmaster makes it feel realistic but it doesn't let you feel the road imperfections, the road and offroad level. The G29 and G920 abuses the feedback to the point you feel everything through the wheel, force feedback isn't as strong but at the other hand feels more realistic. thrustmaster just feels like it just has force and no add-on, it feels somehow dead.
    After trying a bunch of wheels i just went for a G29 and never regretted to this day.

  10. I recently order a Ferrari 458 spider racing wheel it's a good priced reliable wheel that is really good the one complaint pedals move around if your on a floor and headset support is annoying also I would recommend a wheel stand they work well you can adjust height length and angle but comes at a price of like £80 yeh no force feed back is annoying but it doesn't bother me.

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