Xbox Live- Silver Memberships?

Xbox Live- Silver Memberships?


What exactly can you do with a silver account again. I know they are free now as I saw on the website and I have XBL on my xbox and my friend is gonna bring his 360 to my house and create a free acc. on it so we can play. what exactly can we do with it?


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  1. actually, now microsoft made it so that you can make up to 3 silver accounts with 1 month free service of xbox live with each account. this means that you CAN play against other people online in costom or ranked matches.

  2. You can do everything except play online with people.

    And there’s a one week wait before you can get free content (Gold gets first dibs).

  3. You can download updates, demos, movies, games and talk with friends.

    You can not play against other people.

  4. Yeah he’s right, basically everything besides play online.

    This site here offers a month of XBL gold if you complete some surveys (would take some time) but it’s real, I’ve gotten stuff from it already: [url is not allowed]

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