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What Xbox should I get?


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  1. you need to get an xbox with more memory than just 4 gigs. So honestly i’d go with the first pic with mw3 cause getting borderlands is retarded. and if your going to go that route you should just buy a used console from gamestop or amazon and than purchase Borderlands 2 which i have and honestly hell of alot better than borderlands one and i didnt like borederlands 1 very much. loving B2 tho! 4 gigs wont get you far if your planning on playing anything on xbox live. first off you waste 1/3 of your memory just getting on xbox live. and with every system update they take more of that space away. which i cant complain its worth it. but just mark my words you need something with atleast a minimum of 100 gigs. i have a 4 gig xbox 360 which i tore apart one of my other HDD’s from my other xbox’s and i slapped it in the panel that you have on the bottom side of the new 360 so that gives me another 120 gigs. and i also have 4 8 gig usb drives and i’m set. I got mw3 Elite and all the DLC plus the newer ones that will be coming out. I have all of the DLC thats coming out for BF3 as well so. lots of space needed.

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