Top 10 Hilarious BANNED From XBOX LIVE Reactions

Top 10 Hilarious BANNED From XBOX LIVE Reactions


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20 thoughts on “Top 10 Hilarious BANNED From XBOX LIVE Reactions”

  1. some guy was rageing cause i beat him in for honor (fair fight btw no ledge or 2v1) called me a cocksucking cum guzzleing faggot who sucks at the game and needs to die. i said dude chill the fuck out its a game. 5 mins later, week long comm ban.

  2. I might've been banned from Xbox live on my main account, but if so I can't tell why. It's not letting me connect I don't think it said I got banned I think it just said ERROR 🙁

  3. communications can also be with text messages aswell, I got banned along time ago for communications by not using a mic

  4. Fuck you Microsoft you banned my damn account for no FUCKING reason and for some reason I lost half my gamerscore

  5. where is Playstation? oh wait Playstation isn't as bad as Xbox hhahahahahahahahahahahahh

  6. I got banned for 3 days for getting to a glitch spot on turbine in black ops 2


  7. Objective for 2018: hack into Microsoft servers and change the date to 1/1/10000.

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