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ToeJam & Earl Sega Vintage Collection – Review (Xbox 360 / PS3)



Sorry about the previous upload, YouTube screwed it up, not had that happen in ages!

Ian and Larry take a look at Sega’s HD re-release of the cult ToeJam & Earl games.

Is it as good almost 20 years on?

ToeJam & Earl Sega Vintage Collection - Review (Xbox 360 / PS3)


  1. ah Toe Jam & Earl, such a fun and hip series back in the day, such a shame that they didnt last, i thought they were awesome.

  2. this game is $1.25 on the playstation store (for ps3) until the 20th (tomorrow). pick it up!

  3. Thanks for the reviews, guys!  For anyone interested in Toejam and Earl, check out the new developer's Facebook page "Toejam and Earl".  I am the designer of all the Toejam and Earl games.  On the FB page I will be sharing information about the new Toejam and Earl game I'm working on, Indie style.

  4. hahaa this game was hilarious as a kid i havent had a chance to get it on the xbox market place. i need to pick this up soon lol

  5. Haha-I remember finding that easter egg, but I found it using EGM Magazine. My sis and me use to play this and loved it. I never owned it, just rented it. And I find it odd they removed the "hallelujah" because it was in the Genesis/U.S. version. The only thing I didn't quite understand in this game was the question mark boxes, how in the world are you suppose to know what it is when you need to use the item to get to such and such area, like the wings, etc.

  6. panic on funkotron was a disgrace…….why hasnt any companies made a straight up clone of the original if the creators wont make another. like instead of rapping aliens maybe punk rock monsters or something. the original was great but i thought it could be even better with more levels and maybe 4 layer co op and bigger levels.just a thought

  7. they never took the hallujah out, they only ever said it when you pay the wizard for health refill

  8. they didnt take out the hallelujah, they just never said it when u get the lemonade extra life

  9. Well, you're not ignoring your fans, it's just hard for you to keep up. There's a difference between choosing to neglect and just being overwhelmed, so you shouldn't feel too bad if you miss some peoples comments.

  10. Hallelujah still works on the 360, only when u get ur health refilled by that wizard person who walks about.
    and you also hear it when you find all ship pieces

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