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should i keep my Ps3 or return it?


My brother has a xbox but he’s all ways on it and i bought the Ps3 to play with my friends but im not sure its worth the 300$ should i keep the Ps3 or return it?

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  1. Overall the PS3 is better and more powerful. It’s worth every penny and you get more for your buck compared to the 360.

    When your bro’s 360 breaks within the next 2 years and your PS3 is still running strong with no issues, my point here will be proven as well. 360’s have the highest failure rate (more than 54% fail) whereas the PS3 has the lowest (at around 6-11%.)

    The 360 is JUST a gaming system. The PS3 is a mini supercomputer. Literally. It is THE multimedia system. You can hook up everything from keyboards, computer mice, external HDD’s, pictures, music, movies, printers, camera’s, it supports 3D, it supports True HD 1080p. Look, I could go ON AND ON AND ON, but the more you use it and research a bit more on it, the more you’ll get what I’m talking about here alright.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Keep the PS3. because its free to play online, you’ll only pay for expansion packs or extra perks. its easy as hell to upgrade the HDD. The blu-ray player is awesome. Basically, the xbox is over hyped, as was the wii. just stick to it.

    Remember, this also, both consoles get a lot of exclusives. so while xbox may have halo, which is played out. PS3 has been around WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY longer.

  3. This really depends on the exclusive games and purpose you want the console for. Do you like Blu-Ray movies and multimedia streaming? The media server function of PlayStation 3 is a great perk in my honest opinion.

    As for gaming, PlayStation 3 has exclusives such as:

    Metal Gear 4



    Ratchet & Clank

    Gran Turismo

    God of War

    Heavy Rain

    This is going to be your personal preference. Remember, PSN doesn’t require a monthly fee to play either. If you only buy one game, you can still use your PS3 to access features like YouTube, and web browsing without a subscription.

    Let us know what you decide to do!

  4. Free Internet Bro!! My friend just traded his Xbox 360 for a Ps3 and he really doesn’t regret it. Don’t get rid of the Ps3. It has collections and exclusives that are better than the Xbox. If you want to return it then go ahead but you will have to pay for online features but they are better i must admit. It won’t get hacked and I think it’s more of a clan or advanced online stuff if you know what I mean. My friend got a Ps3 cause he wanted to play LittleBigPlanet and loved it. I really think you should keep it.

  5. In my opinion, i think you should keep your PS3.

    The PS3 allows to have access to free multi-player and also doubles as a blu-ray player.

    In terms of graphics the PS3 is not going to lose out as well when compared to the Xbox 360. There are also some games that are available only on the PS3 (Killzone, Uncharted series) and others that are only available on the Xbox 360 (Halo series, Minecraft). So, having both consoles will be advantageous as you can experience a wider variety of games.

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