Rochard gameplay footage PS3 – PSN Game

Rochard gameplay footage PS3 – PSN Game


Rochard gameplay footage PS3 - PSN Game

Rochard Game Review


  1. Having played this, I find that the puzzles were too easy, the characters unlikeably, the story ends with a terrible cliffhanger
    Never trust Metacritic again

  2. This is a great game!…plus its only 1.99 on steam right now so even if u hate it its worth a shot. 😉

  3. I can't decide whether i should get this or p.i.d. Can you help me out please because they both look awesome

  4. I wish there was something like that on Steam. Paying $4.50 a month to get free games on Steam would be awesome, just as long as they don't restrict multiplayer to people without subscription. That's the sole reason why I don't play multiplayer games on consoles. So I spent $60 on a multiplayer game, then I have to pay extra $5 every month just to play online? Fuck that, I'll save my extra $5 on a Humble Bundle instead.

  5. Oh if I didn't have a PC I would totally be paying for PS+. It's unfortunate that lately I've grown used to playing my games in 1080p, 60fps on my HTPC, and can't really stand the graphics on some of my older PS3 games. For example, I got Saints Row 3 in a humble bundle not too long ago, and it looks awesome on my PC. Though still fun on PS3 the visuals wouldn't come close. I would rather stick to cheap steam deals for now than play older games on my PS3 that frankly don't look so great anymore

  6. Also I never plan to let my subscription expire. I already paid until the end of next year. Humble Bundle is cool, but …I don't…I just like paying once a year and not thinking about paying for it for the rest of the year. It's one less think I have to think about.

  7. Yeah it's not free, but paying about $4.50 a month for about 4 to 6 games a month isn't much. That's less than a footlong at Subway. This month alone we got 7 new games and they're really good games too. Xcom Enemy Unknown, Dues Ex Human Revolution, Saints Rows The Third, Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward, Gods Eater Burst, Little Big Planet Karting and Uncharted 3. I have a PS Vita so I get to enjoy the PS Vita/PSP games. Over the year, I think I've gotten over 50 games, give or take.

  8. And PS+ is not free… and "free" titles are only rented, once you cancel PS+ they're gone

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