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PS3 Super Slim or PS Vita?


which one shall I buy because they both are similar prices. I was going to get the PS Vita until Sony announced that the PS3 Super Slim will come out in the UK later this month with a cheaper price, similar to the price of PS Vita. I really don’t know which one to get but a few suggestion may well help.

I was going to get the Vita because of Assassin’s Creed Liberation and Uncharted Golden Abyss was playable on the Vita, whereas PS3 has the Uncharted Trilogy which is one of the best games in this generation of gaming.

So please can you give me some suggestions.

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  1. I’d get the new PS3. The Vita is really limited right now with games, as with the PS3, it has years of incredible games already to play on it.

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