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PS3 Internet Search problem?


Sometimes I use Google search engine on my PS3. I have never had any problems before but now, each time I use Google there is a problem. I go to Google home page, that’s fine. I type in what I am searching for and Google will list the search results. But a few seconds later, a message pops up on the TV screen which says:

“There is not enough memory. The window content has been replaced with a blank page”.

I have 94GB free space on my hard drive, surely this is more than enough to display a web page. Last week I had 86GB free space on my hard drive and I deleted some old save files, so now I actually have more free space than before but now I get this message on screen telling me there is not enough memory.

I have deleted my cache, cookies etc but nothing seems to work. Can anyone tell me what causes this problem and how to fix it.


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  1. Having the same problem and have had to use Bing which compared to google is awful as the video and images aren’t loading when searching images or videos.

    I’ve only just reset the PS3,( on the advice of Sony), as it no longer recognises PS3 games, but it still plays DVDs, Blu-ray, PS1/PS2 games and all cd’s. Resetting the system took 4 hours and not only didn’t solve the problems of PS3 games, but left me with the google problem.

    I have no idea if it’s coincidence or not, but google only stopped working the same night I reset, which is within the last 3 or 4 days.

    Almost half the pages are no longer compatible with the PS3 browser now anyways and Sony don’t seem interested in correcting this or the fact that thousands of their systems, from the original release to the newest slims, are having major software and hardware problems.

    My machine is 5 years old this year, but was hardly used until about 3 years ago. All Sony have said is that if the problems were still there after the reset then I could get a refurbished machine for £110 with a 3 month guarantee. It cost £576 in March 2007. The problems have been ongoing since last year, so it has made me think again about purchasing another Sony console whenever the PS3 replacements come out. I have working Atari 2600, Megadrive, Nes, SNES, PS1 and PS2 which have had no problems but a 5 year old PS3 is fecked.

  2. Google has recently made changes to its search, which has already upset Twitter users as Twitter results can/will be ignored by Google. I suspect that the changes to the Google search page have also made it incompatible with the PS3’s browser (much like Google’s so-called “mobile” web services not actually working on actual mobile phones anymore, instead working on tablets and smartphones instead). Regardless, here are some alternatives. Please note that full URLs haven’t been given in order to avoid spamming this page (Check the “Sources” section under my post for URLS).

    – Use the PS3’s internal Google search. From the XMB, go to “Network” and select “Internet Search” OR from inside the PS3’s browser, press the TRIANGLE button and select “Search” from the list on the right (The results page can even be bookmarked, should you wish to create an alternate PS3-friendly Google Search page). Note: Images can’t be searched for in this way, only web results.

    – Use Google mobile (see “sources” below for full URL, as Google tries to block PS3 access to the mobile site. The URL should even work on PCs, too).

    – Use yahoo! or Bing search. Note: Bing isn’t great as image results don’t display. Hope this helps.

  3. I Been fiddling wit stuff.i had the same issue.good thing people cant break my spirit.if you hit triangle n go to TOOLS select JAVASCRIPT turn the function OFF, you can search from the actual google home page, you can still use the same functions as usual, however if you encounter a button that cant be clicked or a page or image that require JAVASCRIPT, Simply turn it back on and double tap the START BUTTON to REFRESH.TRUST ME MY PS3 is everything to me.i download, upload pics, movies, music, i even play online flash games.add user reddotonurhed on psn for any further help.more than glad to do so

  4. teh best thing to do is try a internet connection test on the ps3 and see what happens because it might not be able to find the ip address

  5. well looking to ur problem i think THE WEB PAGE WAS NOT ASKING ABOUT PS3 MEMORY, IT WAS TALKING ABOUT UR INTERNET’S VOLUME. check ur internets volume and if its finished then buy it!!

  6. Same problem!! oOSGTBruiserOo – I’m gonna try what ricky said. I hope It’s a ps3 problem and it will be fixed soon. (1 min later) IT WORKED!! Ricky is right! turn off your javascript!

  7. me thinks this is new, my ps3 was fine yesterday, now today im getting exactly the same issue, laaaaaaaaaaaame, must be sonys problem

  8. You many have too many pages open. This usually happens to me when I’m trying to load a TV show and pop-ups with media players show up. Tap the L3 joystick to see all open pages.

  9. I am now encountering the same issue. Only yesterday I used Google through my PS3 and now it is referring to the memory issue and I too went through and deleted many things including game data that I was not finished using. bummer!

    Please if anyone finds the solution email me [email is not allowed]

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