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Madden NFL 15 Review


Madden NFL 15 Review


  1. The offline franchise in this game is shit especially the off season. There's no calender to see whats comming up and contract negotiations are a joke. Game play as always is great but formation replacements is no where I.E. Subing one player for another.

  2. LOL this game is so bad I'm literally dying laughing at it. Let's not even talk about the arcade style sudden end of the game comebacks that you get every single game by the CPU. I'm laughing at it's obvious way of trying to screw you. Ball is 80 yards from a touchdown, you're team is down by 4. 3rd down and 10. The game suggests you run a QB sneak………….Really did EA try on this game?

  3. Any Idea where to find a review that actually reviews all the parts of the game? This one only looked at defence and ultimate team ffs

  4. when you get condiluted with remembering too many controls and lots of colorful bleeps on the screen, its too cumbersome and screw it

  5. Does this game have special or historic teams like Madden NFL 25? I would like that.

  6. Bring back 2K making NFL games! This monopoly is killing football for gamers! EA and Madden SUCK!

  7. Last one I played was 11, I kinda want to play a football game again but Madden is the only option, is 15 at least decent? I doubt 16 will be any different, should I buy a used copy of 15?

  8. THE WAY they stand , their knees are always half bent, it's like they're prawns from district 9

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