Is there mario kart for ps3? or how about xbox?

Is there mario kart for ps3? or how about xbox?


I love Mario kart & im deciding what gaming system to get! Leaning more towards ps3. & what gaming system was the original Mario kart on? Wad it nintendo64? Or nintendo? I don’t really know the difference or which ones better or if only one of those have Mario kart

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  1. . You being serious?

    Dude, Mario is a Nintendo exclusive, meaning its ONLY on Nintendo platforms, not Sony or Microsoft.

    Mario Kart made its debut with Super Mario Kart on the SNES.

  2. Mario Kart is a Nintendo exclusive since the original Super Mario Kart on the Super NES.

    So no there is & nor will there ever be MK for the Xbox or PS3.

  3. all things Mario are Nintendo exclusives.

    if what u want are Mario games then get a Wii-U.

    that being said, PS3 does have similar games to Mario Kart, e.g. ModNation Racers & there are others.

    if ur trying to decide on a console it should be between a Nintendo (Wii-U) Console or Sony (PS3/PS4) Console, highly recommended that u avoid Xbox.

  4. mario kart is only available on the nintendo consoles but you do get little big planet karting for the ps3 which is nearly the same idea

  5. First Mario Kart was on Super Nintendo.

    They only appear on Nintendo, as they own the franchise.

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