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Is a cooling fan for an Xbox 360 worth it?


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There is also one at best buy, where I work, and it is similar to this only without the white plastic. It doesn’t look as good but has 3 fans and I think it has a separate A/C plug.

Do you think it is worth it? I mean 20$ to insure my 300$ investment?

Has anyone tried it before? Thanks!

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  1. It doesn’t insure it; it de-insures it.

    Firstly, it voids your warranty.

    Secondly, I kind of think Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo know enough about their own systems to put sufficient cooling into them, and know more than the 3rd parties that create these devices to ruin your systems.

    Thirdly; to keep hardware cool, you’re lookng to expel excess vented air, not force it into the system.

    They’ve also been confirmed to causing over-heating of the systems, since it alters the natural air-flow of the system; think about this for 2 seconds; you don’t take the side-plate off your PC chassis and put a desk-fan by it, do you.?

  2. only if you xbox is overheating!! I got one when i got my 360 an i removed it imediatly. It was rediculiously loud.

  3. Don’t use them. Especially if that’s the old one. They are said to have an effect on your system, and could actually heat it up. They can steal/drain energy from it. People have had problems with them melting into their systems. They’ve cause many systems to get the rrod. They came out with new ones, that are said to not be as bad, but there is no proof that they are any better. It’s better not to get one anyway, because they will void your warranty if there is any evidence that it was on your system, so it’s better to not use them anyway. And my friend had one like last year, and his still got the rrod. Point a fan towards the vents.

    Oh well, you don’t have to believe me, but still keep in mind they will void your warranty anyway.

    It’s listed right under causes under three flashing red lights here,

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  4. Yes! With a cooler it will not over heat ever i sometimes play all day and when i feel it it feels like it was never on. they make it never overheat and never heat. but need to clean out the dust.

  5. I think its worth it if your on it for a really long time, that way you dont have to worry about the system overheating. Im not saying you should be on your x-box all day when you do get the fan but give your bestfriend a break here and there

  6. NO 360’s r *!

    Buy a Playstation 3.The XBoxes all ova the world have been going wrong and Microsoft r denying theres a problem! Bunch of idiots!!

  7. I dont think they help so much I have had 3 360s

    On my 2nd 360. i put one on it. I would like to thank it helped. but i am not sure.

    More recently I bought a 360 Elite. with elites they are definately not needed. The overall system just runs more efficiently.

    I do remember a guy at game stop saying they actually can void the warrenty if you put them on your xbox.

    You can go for it. to be honest I dont think they do much. and they are loud!

    And I think someone said they do disrupt airflow.

    Just look at it this way. it they were meant to be put on Microsoft would have made one for the xbox. but they did not. only third party campanies do.

    so dont take the risk

  8. We have had one for a long time and when everyone else’s box went rrd ours was still functioning great. We have managed to avoid red ring of death and I’m sure it’s because of the fan. I highly recommend it.

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