I need XBOX 360 help?

I need XBOX 360 help?


My brother’s xbox was working fine for about 5 months at first the screen would make like blocks arcoss the screen but now it won’t come on at all. The power strip light is red. Can anyone help me?

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  1. The power supply may be out. Take it to where he bought it to see if it will work there or if they have another power supply to check against the supposedly dead one.

    Newer 360’s come with a 1-year warranty now instead of the original 90 days. Check with the technical support for the Xbox if the power supply issue is still the cause. They may replace it for you at no to little cost.

  2. What do you mean,you need?You need a help to fix it or you need a new/used one?If you can’t fix it go to eBay or Craigslist and you can bid or buy either its’ new or used.

  3. omgsh! that happened to mine! i took it to best buy or one of those stores and they fixed it 4 me.hope i helped!

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