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I cant connect to Xbox Live?


Ok I have connected my Xbox 360 by using the wired router that was from my computer and unplugged it out of the computer to the Xbox 360 wich was connecting to the adapter. But every time it fails it never loggs me into Xbox Live. When I try to test connect it the thing failed it said it was connected but it failed the second thing it trys to connect but it always fails. And my internet on the computer is fine. The internet adapter’s company is called Mplus if that helps.

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  1. Go to the System blade and do a Network diagnosis.

    Is Xbox Live the only thing not working? Did you modify your console to play backups?

    If so, then your console is banned from Xbox Live.

    If that is not the case, call the toll free Microsoft support hotline in your country. The number is on the website below:

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