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how do i transfer 250 gb hard drive on a xbox 360 slim to a 500 gb harddrive?



  1. Go to Gamestop and buy a used Xbox 360 Hard drive transfer cable.

    Remove the 250GB hard drive from its Xbox. Insert the 500GB hard drive. (see the manual if you aren’t sure how to do this.)

    Use the transfer cable to connect the 250GB hard drive to the Xbox 360.

    Power on the Xbox 360. Follow the directions on screen to transfer the data from the external drive (the 250GB one) to the internal drive (the 500GB one)

    The transfer will take awhile. Get something to eat while it runs.

    When the transfer is complete, power off the Xbox, disconnect the transfer cable, and power it back on.

    All your stuff (gamer profile(s), games, save files, etc.) should be visible on the Xbox 360 Slim, plus you will have a bunch of free space.

    Take the Xbox Transfer Cable back to Gamestop and sell it to them – you don’t need it anymore. If you want, you can also sell the 250GB drive to them as well. It’s empty now that you transfered everything to your new hard drive.

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