how do i hook up my ps3 eye to the system?

how do i hook up my ps3 eye to the system?


i just bought a used ps3 eye no manual can anyone help walk me through

to hook it up?and can u have your bluetooth and your ps3 eye or do u have to dissconnect one

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  1. Just plug the USB cable from the camera into an available usb port on the front of the PS3. Yes, you can use the camera and bluetooth at the same time. You can select the bluetooth as your audio and the playstation eye as your video source.

  2. Hey, it is really easy to set up your Playstation Eye. A manual isn’t really required. Just stick the USB of the PS Eye into your PS3 and your all good. I’m not sure if you can use bluetooth and your PS Eye at the same time, but a mic comes built in to it so you can chat using that. :)

  3. just hook it up to the usb port, make sure you download eyecreate on the playstation store (its free) so you can take pictures and make videos. Note: you can’t export the videos from the PS3.

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