How do i convince my parents i can buy a ps3?

How do i convince my parents i can buy a ps3?


Im 12 so i racked up enough money to buy a ps3 slim but the problem is thatmy parents like HATE me buying stuff. and they wont buy the ps3 for me. If i do buy it without my parents knowing, they will find out soon enough and make we return it or something. Ya, so is there a way U GUYS do to convince ur parents to buy something which u guys could tell me of. So please answer and help. thanks.

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  1. You know what they say Honesty last much longer, so that’s what you should do. But when I was your age I could only dream of that money so wait some years and then you could do whatever you want.

  2. The only real way you will be able to convince an adult to do something they are reluctant to do is to find out why they are reluctant and compromise accordingly. There is no guaranteed solution; some parents just can’t be reasoned with, so prepare to accept the fact that you can’t have a PS3 if that is the case. Not all parents are gonna be “wowed” if you list a bunch of features; some parents may not even know what half of them are.

    Oh, and one other thing: You live under their roof, which means you live by their rules, and the U.S. Law recognizes this. Having the cash yourself does not give you the right to buy whatever you want. Its perfectly legal for parents to tell their children what to buy and what not to buy with their own money.

  3. Methods:

    1. Tell them all of its functions ( It has a Blu-Ray Player, its Energy Star Certified, ETC. )

    2. Say that its your money and you should have the freedom to spend it.

    3. Tell them all of your friends have one. ( This will make them feel like their bad parents. )

  4. Say, “You bitches don’t own me! I’ll do whatever the * I want with my * money! * YOU!” that should work. 😛

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