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does the playstation 3 need a certain type of tv to play on?


i am wanting to buy a ps3 but someone said u cant use it on just any tv. is this true and if so, what type of tv do i use?

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  1. you can. but a plasma tv is the best with a 1080p thats so you can get the full affects that the blue ray and other special features that it has to work fully.

  2. you can use it on any TV as long as the TV was not made in the stone ages lol

    All you need is a TV with AV Input plugs. They are the 3 plugs colored red, yellow, and white (usually anyway)

    But if you have the money for it get an HD TV. It’ll be 1000 better than reg TV. I recommend either Sharp or Samsung TVs, don’t get a sony lol

  3. You can use the Playstation 3 system on nearly any modern day TV. As long as it has the normals plugs and stuff such as AV Cable, Scart etc etc It will be fine.

    I have a PS3 connect to a Normal Standard TV and I have one connected to a HDTV – The High Definition TV is the best to have your PS3 on along with a HDMI Cable connected.

    But any TV will do, the graphics of the PS3 itself show on the screen on any TV so don’t worry.

    Hope this helps!

  4. You can use any television you want, what that person said is just rubbish. Some TV’s are better than others. It’s preferable to have an HDTV to get great picture quality, but any television will do!

  5. You can use it on any TV. As long as the PS3 and the TV are both from the same region. For example: You probably live in the U.K., since you asked it in Yahoo! Answers U.K., so that means your in the PAL region. If your TV and the PS3 are both PAL, then there is a 98.9% chance that you will be able to play on it. This means that if your TV was bought in the U.K., or anywhere in Europe or Middle East or somewhere else that is PAL, and the PS3 was also bought anywhere in Europe or Middle East or somewhere else that is PAL, then you will be able to play the PS3.

  6. Any television will work with your Playstation 3. The console comes with standard AV cables in the box as well. If you have an HDTV, then you may want to consider buying yourself either a component cable or HDMI.

    To answer your question though: Yes you can use it on any tv.

  7. do not listen to the idiot who told you it will not work on some tvs, you can play the ps3 on a standard tele or an hd tv, i would highly recommend using it on a hd tv because although the graphics will be brilliant on a standard tele, you will be amazed at what a difference it is with the hd tv, the graphics are unbeleivable, not only that if you use it on a hd tv you will be able to watch blu ray films, they are brilliant as the picture quality is brilliant and crystal clear, hope i helped.

  8. You can use it with any type of TV, but if you want to get the best out of it, and really exprerance the game graphics and Blu-ray films, then you at least need a 720p plasma, or better still, a 1080p, a HD TV makes a huge difference. Should be 100hrz if possible.

    But if you can’t buy an HDTV just yet, you can still play your PS3 on an ordinary TV, PS3 games still look great, just not AS great:)

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