Crackdown 2 Review

Crackdown 2 Review


Crackdown 2 Review


  1. When human cells realize that cars don't blow up with bullets, they don't understand how shame feels to see this old games reflects the low IQ they have.

  2. Crackdown 3 looks pretty great. Truthfully, I never played or even heard of Crackdown before, but I love games with environmental destruction, and the 17 minute gameplay video looks pretty cool.
    Seriously though, this was on Xbox 360? It barely looks like an Xbox game.

  3. 10/10 game IMO. It's so fun collecting agility orbs and shooting cell at day, and punching and running over freaks at night. My favorite game. I can't wait for crackdown 3!

  4. This game sucks in comparison to Crackdown 1. The HUD of Crackdown 1 was also better not to mention the stupid zombie idea.

  5. Honestly the real issue with this game was a lack of diverse objectives and scenarios, you have pretty much one main objective to complete the story "Activate the Beacons". It has an arcadie feel to it most of the time, I will admit that it didn't quite express the story outside of audio logs. However the overall package is fairly cheap, it's built more toward cooperative play in most cases, afterall the difficulty is necessary to truly immerse yourself in the beginning. I'd say give it try because it is fun, it has plenty of potential, plus Keys to the City is much more improved over the first Crackdown. It'll give you plenty more to keep you busy.

  6. In Crackdown 2 your "handler" bitches at you for the smallest error, "Which part of protect the beacon did"nt you understand!" WTF as if you failed on purpose.He was"nt so bad in the first game but here he"s a constant source of irritation.Bad game choice

  7. I feel that the main issue I have with this game is how most of the main objectives (Tactical Assaults, Freak Breaches and Sunburst Defences) all boil down to "Go here, call in air support, shoot X number of freaks/cell operatives until airĀ support arrives/sunburst detonates, repeat". In the original, each Gang leader had something unique to them, which kept things interesting. Here, it becomes rather dull after a while.

    That said, the game also added quite a lot of stuff that I hope returns for the sequel, like being able to wield random objects as melee weapons, and the charge/glide manoeuvres.

  8. Do yourself a favor and skip the first one and buy this game. Killing infected at night time plus the apocalyptic looking environment makes it a lot better. Plus the gunplay is so much better and the cool items in the game are very cool. Sooo much better than the first one.

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