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Case Closed – Chaos;Child Episode 12 Anime Review


Case Closed - Chaos;Child Episode 12 Anime Review

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  1. I've seen some speculate that Taku sacrificed himself and thus all his delusions ended and Onoe was reborn as a new person with possibly a trace of memories as seen by her tears. But that's why I liked this episode as I think watching it most people will view it differently and no matter what the VN route ended with, a straightforward or not answer this was structured in such a way that some may call it a jumbled mess where I think it was left open for the viewer's interpretation. I stick by my own interpretation but I don't think one way is the correct way to view something like this. As well there will be an extra episode in the future adapting the final bits of the true ending so keep an eye on this http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/daily-briefs/2017-03-29/chaos-child-reveals-silent-sky-unaired-episode/.114100

  2. Honestly, your review is exactly on point, i interpreted the ending exactly the same with the exception of him being sent into an asylum, wich imo that's pretty legit, so good job. The real reason why i came here is because i'm not satisfied with the ending, actually i'm not satisfied with the anime overall. Don't get me wrong, i love the story and the concepts used in it, but i think it was rushed and handled poorly and because of that it didn't reach it's full potential. Considering that and the fact that i'm obsessed with the ideea and the concepts behind the anime, i'm thinking about diving into the visual novels of both Chaos Head and Chaos Child, but i'm not sure if this is really worth it and because of that i thought maybe i can get help from you or someone that has knowledge on both the anime and visual novels. So shortly, what i really want to know is, are the visual novels capable (especially the chaos child one) of providing a better experience? Are the visual novels more detailed and better explained? Does the chaos child visual novel offer a diffrent ending interpretation, or interpretetions? If you, or anyone else can answer those questions for me, and provide a good and convincing opinion, it would be a huge help for me. Good video and thank you verry much!

  3. That was an amazing anime! It seems that this series was predominately about solipsism, at least a metaphor for it. I have always had only one problem with solipsism (the belief that you, the thinker, is the only being out there. That everything else is your imagination). Problem being, if I were 'god', I would not let tragic things happen to those I cared about. To that, Chaos;Child seems to ask 'are you sure?' The plot twist with Taku's wish was awesome, turning a thrilling anime into a fairly philosophical one.

  4. I wasn't sure at the very end if he was still in an illusion or if ALL was an illusion, but I doubt it.
    I am seriously confused!!!!

  5. I honestly do agree with you, that this series was underappreciated and its a shame a lot of people wrote it off because its a sequel to Chaos;Head, when you don't even need to watch it to understand this one.

    I loved all the revelations shown at the end, the main problem I'd have with this series, is how fast the story progressed, which left out quite a lot of character development but this isn't surprising when they're converting a 50 hour Visual Novel into a 12 episode anime. It honestly needed 2 cour like Steins;Gate and Robotic;Notes.

  6. 60% from the true ONLY in over sky end. (True Ending) Silent Sky End is…mind busting

  7. Fun fact in the game takumi appears on the computer girls route which is pretty cool and this ending in the anime is the true one I believe

  8. I definitely do agree with you that Taku severed his ties with Onoe, but I also think he severed his tied with everyone so that way they'd have no connection to him, based on the way everyone just simultaneously closed their eyes. I also think Taku pulled a Lelouch here and sacrificed himself for the greater good, so he can be "The true hero" in his mind. It was also very interesting to me how he was aged, much like the real Taku in Chaos;head.

    I really will miss this series, it was truly an amazing story. Steins;Gate 0 is the next semicolon addition by the way, based on what I've seen, it either going to be fall 2017, or winter 2018. Just something to look forward to

  9. I literally said out loud, what kind of ending was that! mainly because it just ended, I was hoping that Taku would be free, but I don't know now…I want one last episode just to clear up this episode's ending

  10. ;-; They were right when they said the ending was sad….. also if you want to understand the ending you can read about it on Wikipedia since it goes into a lot of detail about it. Its the true ending.

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