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Call Of Duty Ghosts: First Mission/ Odin Space Station Explosion


Call Of Duty Ghosts: First Mission/ Odin Space Station Explosion


  1. how could an enemy shuttle penetrate a defense weapon with enough power to destroy countries without any alarm they dont even bother to check the shuttle before it docks HOW THERE ARE NO PHYSICS HERE

  2. so after they shoot the RCS tanks, ODIN moves like 10 feet towards Earth and starts burning up in the atmosphere… oh yeah.. like LEO is a few feet above the fucking atmosphere, that makes total sense

  3. "RCS systems not responding" my ass, they're clearly working as they approach ODIN. the developers didn't really think this game through did they… the script writing for that ODIN scene was random phrases that sound cool but have nothing to do with the scenario

  4. Looks like they used the Rod of God in this game @ 9:54. The Same one that took out the city of Tianjin, China on August 12th

  5. why didnt i see this stage when i played it??waat 360 version ,my first mission was soel korea??

  6. This sort of destruction is absolutely piss weak compared to what the MAC rounds from halo would do…

  7. Ok so check this out. U see the part where you're an astronaut floating round in space and thru the station? Why can't someone make a game simulator about interstellar travel or even just managing a shuttle going to the moon and back? How cool would it be to use the same engine with added simulation using a shuttle etc? How cool would it be to float around for a nasa project. No guns, no pissed off ruuskies shooting peeps. Just a simple space exploration sim using the same idea moving around here. Remember Ecco the dolphin for Sega cd? Think that except not gay and ur an F'ing astronaut. C'mon friends, back me up and let's get it going! Woot!

  8. Why did they put that over the u.s I mean the destruction it caused meant that it wasn't used for fast moving projectiles like missiles or meteors, it would be used in a war on ground but it still has illogical points, like if they need to fire an another country it would just fly there, in an hour, I mean it just makes no sense, hmm, must be a conspiracy, (that annoying tongue slurp should be placed here) share your opinions here.

  9. The first mission probably the only good thing going for this game. Except for the unreleastic explosion in space…

  10. 日本語版より、血の色がよりリアルな色になってる。

  11. 4:34 you can t fly in space cause there is no mater in space, even if you move your arms and legs in every directions you wont move…… Fuck logic, fuck physics it s CoD
    Sorry for my english

  12. I am trying to get  to the point where the hatch will open on the space station – I am pressing the RB and LB  when directed –  Still not working –  should they be pressed for a brief period of time – eg a click of, and also directing your guy to the hatch door to trigger the opening of it?

  13. Why didnt they just shoot the RCS thrusters? If they were destroyed ODIN wouldnt be able to turn, resulting in it not being able to aim. And why did they have an entire station build around it. A cargo bay and living quarters would have been enough (about the size of the Russian salyut stations). Odin would be serviced a few times every year and after that it would be remote controlled from the ground. Most likely several stations would be built to have a more permanent coverage of the world. Also, I didnt see a deorbiting burn.

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