Awesome You’re In The Movies Gameplay

Awesome You’re In The Movies Gameplay


Awesome You're In The Movies Gameplay


  1. It's a shame it never came out for the PS3. Would have been better than TV Superstar or Yoostar 2. Oh, well. :(

  2. pmsl this has gotta be the funniest thing ive seen ever.. im getting a xbox 360 tomorrow and this is the game ive got with it anyone know if you need a kinect to play it?? x

  3. everytime ive tried to play this game, my friends and I always have bad luck with lighting and there will be missing chunks from our bodies on screen lol

  4. @TomCruiseCloneTwo You can, if you have a stand alone DVD recorder. Magnavox DVD recorders are the best and so are Sony. Plug the XBOX composite video and audio cables to the input jacks on the front(or rear) of the DVD recorder, put in a blank DVD-R(+R) disc and away you go!

  5. This game is terrible, i have it and the camera doesnt work properly..
    Thought this game would have had potential…
    But the shoddy layout makes it crap….
    He has a good example of the camera working in this video, compared to mine anyway.

  6. how were you able 2 make it so clear? i tried 2 record myself with this game and my camera makes me blury still, is it a setting?

  7. dont ask questions ass i said i love you are you a male or the person that does all the washing up and the ironing and kleaning

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