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any idea why my skyrim freezes whenever i touch water in the game? ps3 verson?


playing on ps3

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  1. It was an issue with a patch the released to fix the lag issue on ps3, they released another patch to fix the water issue. So, if you update it ought to go away. if not check the bethesda forums, the should be able to help you more.

    Edit: i misspoke. Their solution was to delete and reinstall the game and patch data. just make sure not to delete your save data.

  2. This is a problem with the new patch. Fortunately the fix is quite simple and harmless.


    Navigate to the “Game” category on the navigation menu. It’s the same place you navigate to launch your games.

    Find the “Game Data Utility” folder. DO NOT go to the “Saved Data Utility” folder, which contains your game saves.

    Delete the game data (titled “Skyrim”) and the updates/patches (titled “Skyrim Update”) from “Game Data Utility”.

    After that, you’ll have to run the game and it will re-install the game files automatically. If you deleted the patch (as you should have), it will also re-download and install the most recent patch assuming you are connected to the internet.

  3. Skyrim actually has some freezing issues on PS3. Try downloading the latest patches.

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