Alien Isolation Walkthrough Gameplay Part 8 – The Outbreak (PS4)

Alien Isolation Walkthrough Gameplay Part 8 – The Outbreak (PS4)


Alien Isolation Walkthrough Gameplay Part 8 - The Outbreak (PS4)


  1. When u bringing your radar look at the left-hand corner and you're saying I need to order it or go on without below but if you go to zero dammit Dave very close

  2. the tracker show u the distance lol. is 0.45 meaters from u , etc, wtf ,down left on tracker is the distance, u idiot

  3. Dude, I love watching you play, and following you step by step, but this is about the 4th or 5th time you've skipped ahead at the exact spot where I'm stuck. Now I have to go see someone else's playthrough. Thumbs down. Sorry. If I encounter skips like this again, I'll stop watching you altogether. Thanks for the effort though.

  4. A mi me aparecia el alien al menos unas 5 veces en ese tramo.
    I saw the alien at least 5 times in that stretch
    When the cooling was activated. :S you see it only 1 time…

  5. Great game and great walk through, thanks mate, I love your narration you do have a very professional way of delivering your dialogue.

  6. A word of advice, NEVER drink three mugs of Coffee before watching Alien Isolation videos. It ain't fun for the heart I can assure you.

  7. "I feel like there's something behind me"
    Isn't that the way it is in every first person game? Haha

  8. You need to seriously lower your voice man, can't hear game sounds because of your yelling. At least shut up when some important things are happening

  9. Brad: I'm just gunna go balls to the walls and if he kills me oh well. Alien makes noise
    Brad: immediately hides in locker …
    made my day

  10. thanx for great videos,watched 8 chapters now in a row, feels like not a game for me. to much sneak,hide searching for stuff in a big maze,trying to avoid getting killed, as u mentioned it's quite hard, I guess I would need a backup controller, got a feeling I probably break one out of frustration "lol" anyway really appreciate u takin time uploading videos and comment,

  11. Brad: I can play this like a bitch, but I'm just gonna play this balls to the wall, if he gets me then he gets me
    Alien snarls
    Bard: FUCK!

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