Home Videos Xbox Play Anywhere – Anywhere is a great place to play

Xbox Play Anywhere – Anywhere is a great place to play


Xbox Play Anywhere - Anywhere is a great place to play

Xbox One Windows 10 PC Streaming: Is It Any Good?


  1. This is good because all my friends play on Xbox one while i only play on Pc but please Microsoft, make Minecraft cross platform

  2. Wait, did those adults who had jobs have the time to play on their Xbox? I thought you would get fired if you do that

  3. I hope they bring next halo game like halo 6 on this program that be awesome they make lot of money because halo ova is a popular shooting game the game be sold 50% more faster then just having it only on Xbox one

  4. I find that there's no point to streaming unless you're in a massive building because you could just go to your Xbox right next to you. It would be better if you could stream a game and have someone be using the Xbox for different uses (YouTube, Netflix, etc) but until than I don't really find a good reason to stream

  5. Battlefield 1 is completely unplayable on streaming. It stutters and gets choppy constantly, even when hard-wired via gigabit

  6. Good feature both PC and XBOX need to be wired for best performance. Played NHL 17 with just a 550ti in my PC whilst other card is being repaired/replaced. Ran on so called XBOX medium settings!

  7. I've been using it, and I think its a great feature. I've been playing Witcher 2 (backward compatible), that have a pretty fast paced combat. Its fine.

    The image quality is blurred, and its obviously better if played directly on the console. I don't mind it too much though, and the pssibility of playing current gen games on a cheap ass Windows Tablet is great in my book.

    y the way, when comparing the experience with the one I have on Vita, its far superior. Not only you play with the proper controller, the streaming is much more reliable (its frequently broken and frustrating on Vita, its always playable on Xbox)

  8. quick question: would i be able to turn my tv off but still play xbox one on my windows 10 computer? or does it need to remain on

  9. since this is a one year old video. Has anything been improved since then? Have you re tested it again recently? I would like to see an updated video if there isn't one already.

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