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XBOX ONE Multi Room Setup, Connect 1 Xbox One to 2, 3 or more TVs


Hi, this ‘How To’ video shows you how to setup the Xbox One so you can play it in 2 or more rooms. This will be useful if your wife, daughter, parents etc. want to watch TV in the room where your Xbox One is located so you can move location to another TV and carry on gaming. I will release another video when I have it installed properly in my house, this was just the initial test to work out length limits on the Xbox One controller. Once I get a USB powered HUB then I am assuming the length will rise from the 10m tested in this video.
I haven’t tested it on the PS4 but I am sure the same setup would work.
Many thanks Vince

XBOX ONE Multi Room Setup, Connect 1 Xbox One to 2, 3 or more TVs


  1. i have a ps4 and two tvs a big one and small one. what im looking for is something i could just switch between them. example if i have friends over and we want to play game on big tv i dont want to have to switch hdmi cable from small to big.

  2. Fkn rediculous that there's no wireless system link Xbox one is basically a computer so I'm sure it can be done.

  3. Does the splitter work both ways eg if I want to connect my ps4,ps3,xbox one,xbox 360 to one moniter does it work like that with the splitter

  4. You could use a MOCA box for Coax Cable, we did that to get our living room tv into our bedroom what they call that Whole House Cable TV with the main cable box being in the living room. Just used a small MOCA box in the bedroom, basically turns your Coax cable outlet in each room to a type of PowerLine. I am assuming it would work if you can get a MOCA transmitter for the Xbox and then the MOCA in each room would connect to the main box in the living room.

  5. Thank you so much for all your videos Vince. Always so so helpful even though I only discovered your videos 2 days ago. Didnt know about these splitters. So I have just ordered myself one. Saved me having to rent a second tivo box. Wish you were around here so I can hire you can connect my equipment for me. But I will follow your very helpful tutorials. Many thanks.

  6. or better thing is if microsoft can stop livving under a brick and put streaming cap on the newer xbox wer u can stream atleast up to 5 or 6 smart tvs or chrome cast devices that will make life easy and add options wer if u play 2 players 2 diff screen similer to dual play on most lg 3d tvs but each player gets their own screen "playstation dont steal my idea" jk tech is growning they can make it happen if they think

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