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Xbox – Bill Gates Keynote


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Xbox - Bill Gates Keynote

Bill Gates Initially Took Xbox Proposal as an 'Insult' - IGN Unfiltered

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  1. The Xbox is already better than the 360 and One. It has 4 game ports, games don't have to be installed, and you can save every single Xbox game on the HDD and still have space left to store music.

  2. this is going to fail
    controller is too big
    who the heck can hit those White and Black buttons during normal gameplay?

  3. Funny how Bill Gates seems so off… He's definitely not a gamer, but a business man. This video proves that.

  4. hey Bill Gates you tloud you well give me Xbox 1 for free my home is in India Delhi sahheen Bagh thokar no.6 Gali no.8 please give me

  5. My xbox had a one year warranty. It lasted for 380 days before it broke. Microsoft explorer can't even handle surfing around a couple news sites. Windows Vista. Microsoft manufactures everything to fail so will have to buy another one or "upgrade". Joke of a company.

  6. bill gates gave everything they needed, but he knew deep down that nothing could stop the coming of KNACK 2

  7. PS2 was the worst thing I've spent money for and We all know at least half of the Xbox users bought Xbox for Halo series. (I would, too but I don't like console gaming)

  8. man I hate how xbox went downhill so fast. I love the 360 and all the games that came out. The 360 was such a fun console. Its not really microsofts fault, all the developers want to make games for ps4 and not xbone. Thats most of the reason why it didnt sell, there were not many games for it, and some of them arent very good. I would have bought an xbone if halo 5 was not as shitty as it is for example.

  9. What a great show, it's great to see all this stuff get uncovered. Very interesting to see from just a normal gamer's perspective

  10. I think this story maybe complete bulls!t. Microsoft was at the times having meeting with Sony trying to convince them to use DirectX for the PlayStation 2. After they failed to convince Sony was the greenlight given to make the DirectX box.

  11. He was right. All 3 platforms are terrible. Please just quit and leave it to Nintendo, who actually knows what they're doing.

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