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Xbox 360 support call


Xbox 360 support call


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Banned From Xbox Live + Call to Xbox Customer Support

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  1. i had a problem with xbox about 2 years back. called em up and started ranting about i had PS1 and PS2 and i had switched to Xbox360 because i saw sense and i threatened to go back to sony. they said sorry and sent me a new wireless control. sounds like they couldnt give a shit though!
    but in 2 and half years no RROD!

  2. mine just did this today. its fucking bullshit, we give microsoft so much money and when our xbox's break they want us to give them $100 to fix the thing because they cant design it right.
    fuck it, im goin back to my atari 2600 from 1985 and fucking NES. those consoles will NEVER give you red ring of death.

  3. I've seen people generalize Americans over some ridiculous things in the past…

    But, damn, your insult is just stupidity at its finest.

    BTW, we bought the 360 because when the PS3 launched, we didn't have the ridiculous amounts of money to spend on video games.

  4. ive never had any problems with consoles. until i bought a 360! but tonight i had it when halo 3 crashed for the 153663 time so i opened up the crap with a screw driver and cleaned the lence with a soft cotton. seems like it works better now, so far, but i aint got any hopes up. me, i wont ever buy a microsoft console again ever and ever again!

  5. maybe if the retards who made them would have better craftsmanship it wouldn't be a fucking problem!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Huh! ive got an idea…how about a PS3 they dont ever fuckin break and you can bassically completely cover them with something and run a game all night it wont overheat trust me i have tried. plus i was on my 8th shitbox

  7. It's bad enough Microsoft keeps shipping this out but is even harder to believe that people keep buying this machine. If you've gone through more than 2 Xboxs it's you're own fault. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me again shame on me.

  8. "may I have your serial number?"
    "number is 5,2…[interrupted by music]…5"
    "can you please repeat that?"
    "[music plays again]"
    "thank you"

  9. hahaha… YOU ARE CALLING INDIA!!! There is no phone contact with Microsoft AT ALL!!! Call centers around the world! Departments and Departments! And they want you to belive you are indeed calling MS!!
    Wake up people… companies work that way its cheaper!

  10. shit, u got an agent so fast lol. when i tried it i waited like an hour lol. (luckily it was on my firiends phone lol)

  11. when my cousin's 360 froze and he called the microsoft support people (i was with him) we had some random asian guy taling to us and i swear to god that he was speaking in chinese lol.

  12. Ok, first, if that's true it's a garbage piece of hardware. Second, mine is on a stand by itself a good three feet from anything. I'm still on my 4th or 5th one. Thanks microsoft!!!

  13. Tell me about it… When I called they tried to sound authentic by using a fake accent. Between the mix of a bad Boston accent and the Indian accent I couldn't understand a word. Not that they would have been any help anyway.

  14. Microsoft shouldn't ban half of the people but get over it btw Microsoft sell coding to stealth servers no joke

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