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xbox 360 or ipod touch?


Its Christmas time and i have a $220 limit and i was wondering which i should get i have a PS3, but it’s dying after 5 and a half years and cannot be repaired. I have an android phone but it’s not all that great and I prefer iOS after having a 2nd gen iPhone for a while. So I don’t know what to do, I can pay for live. I get $10 a week. So I could get a lot of iPod games, but it would take 2 weeks to get a cheap xbox game. :-/ Thank You in advance

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  1. XBOX 360!If you get a IPOD TOUCH cause’ IPOD has a limit to the games whereas XBOX360 has superb graphics and games.I say go for XBOX!YEAH111

  2. Remember that for both of them you are going to have to buy games, music and live for xbox. The ipod is portable and is slimmer and very useful for pictures, music, videos and games but you also have the xbox on the other hand which is more concentrated on gaming rather than pictures e.t.c. I’m going to get an ipod since recently have gotten bored of my xbox.

    I hope I helped but its really all down to you ^_^ happy shopping!

  3. Might as well get a xbox cuz ur ps3 is fk’d and can’t be fixed nd xbox has wayy better games than ipod

  4. Well to be honest. I would still go with the Xbox. The variety is greater and the time wasted is too. I have both and I use both quite a bit but I don’t use my iPod anywhere near as much as my xbox (at least 1000 total hours thus far).

  5. Just get an Ipod Touch. Why?

    Because you pointed out that it would take weeks for you to buy a cheap 360 game.

    If you get an Ipod Touch you can download a lot of games and it’s portable as well.

    You can jailbreak your Ipod Touch which means you can access it’s full potential and download FREE High-Quality games and if you Jailbreak your Ipod Touch it won’t do anything that could make your Ipod Touch stop working.

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