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Xbox 360 controller questions please help.?


hi i have some problems with my Xbox 360 controller and i would like some help

i have a pre-nxe xbox 360

i can’t connect my Xbox 360 with my wireless controller. like before i could turn on my console by pressing the ball thing on the controller but now i can’t do it. i can turn on the xbox fine and i have tried trouble shooting ways but again the controller won’t connect with the system.

so if any1 could help, that would be really nice. 🙂

thank you

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  1. you need to press the little white button on the front of the console, then press the matching button on your controller then hold the ball thing and it should reconnect

  2. Do you have your 360 plugged in with an HDMI cable instead of the factory supplied one?

    I found that when I plugged my 360 with an HDMI cable my controller wouldn’t connect, maybe that’s your problem. Hope I helped.

  3. Are the batteries dead? Otherwise it sounds like it’s broke.

    Oh, Jb brings up a good point. Hold the sync button down on the controller and the system at the same time.

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