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Xbox 360 Arcade 2009 model review


This is my best review on my Xbox 360 arcade review. Okay this video goes onto the tech specs on this console and this video also tells you how to trade in your rrod xbox 360 to gamestop while retrieving the full amount that yourf or some free stuff sign up with this link:http://swagbucks.com/refer/dcjsprime deserves.

Xbox 360 Arcade 2009 model review

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  1. I have this exact same model right now, still works but the disk drive is broken and I have to use a projectile to get it open.

  2. It is the heatsinks that are lighter my friend and its a jasper only the jasper arcade has built in memory

  3. My slim model only gets the red light on the power brick if you pull the cord out while its on but it comes back on when you plug it back in

  4. I have a jasper since 2009 and only issue is disk drive gets stuck but just leave disc in and it's okay!

  5. I have an older model of this before they had the built in memory. Mine never did RROD, but The disc drive went out, and the CPU was about to go out as well. The Aracde's have the cheapest disc drives in them, so thats probably pretty common.

  6. I got the Xbox 360 core it looks just like the arcade but it has a bigger power brick, a falcon motherboard , and I had to repair its rrod myself 3 times in 6 years

  7. i have the jasper xbox 360 elite but the color looks so bad i want to get a jasper xbox 360 arcade like yours with white controllers.

  8. @KenBlock6743 ive had 4 360s but I got my ps3 when it came out and it still works and the 720 will bre

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