Home Playstation Forum Will Sony make new PS3 models in 2009? Including a Slim version?

Will Sony make new PS3 models in 2009? Including a Slim version?


Will Sony make new PS3 models in 2009?

Will PS3 have new models in its next fiscal year starting March 2009? Will it possibly have a Resident Evil 5 Bundle?

And will it ever make another model that is PS2 compatible?

How about a slim version? There are already pictures so it must be on it’s way.right?

(I wish they’d bring back the original 60gb version)

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  1. yes they are bringing out a new one but it will not be for quite a while. it should be slimmer because the current one is WAY too big. they will have a larger memory range and a lower price, hopefully. maybe this time they will be a bit smarter about their marketing scheme and bring it out at a better time and with a better price.

    there is no way knowing about the bundle you are talking about, that will only be decided when the game comes out and how successful the console is.

    as for the PS2 compatible, i don’t think so. what is the point? the new wii is not compatible with nintendo 64. its will just be too old. the PS2 is lucky to be existing now.

    i hope you have fun with your little playstation and all my info was help full, cause in the end my 360 kicks *. (please still give me the!)

  2. 1. no

    2. maybe a bundle

    3 not likely

    4. no.there are no pictures of such version. i think it would be bad. the design of the ps3 right now is very good, it allows for a good airflow and everything isnt compacted.

    google ufo pictures, bigfoot pictures, etc.

  3. As far as BC is concerned, Sony has stated that BC isn’t a priority anymore so I wouldn’t expect to see BC included in any future PS3’s but that could always change. As for new models or a slim PS3, I’m sure as manufacturing costs decline, the PS3 will at some point get a redesign that;ll be cost effective. When that will be is anybodys guess!

  4. No, they won’t make new PS3 models. MAYBE with a larger HDD but that’s all.

    No. There’ll be no official Sony Resident Evil 5 bundle because RE5 isn’t an exclusive. Shops may sell you a PS3 WITH RE5 but there’ll be no official bundle.

    They can but they won’t. Current 40GB, 80GB and 160GB PS3 owners can all have BC but Sony are being weird and isn’t releasing a software emulation for PS2 compatibility.

    They could make a Slim PS3 but there’ll be a huge (HUGE) power brick so that’s not too good.

  5. 1.)They have already claimed the rumors and the pictures of the slim ps3 to be false. SO no new slim, at least for a couple more years. The PS3 is still barely 2years old its way to early to bring out a new model.

    2.)It might not have a RE5 bundle because it probably would have been announced already, but some stores might make their own bundles and sell them together.

    3.)Once the ps2 hardware prices go down then they might bring BC back, but I see no reason to want to play ps2 games still. With all the new PS3 games you wont really care about ps2 games no more.

    4.)Slim Version pick was just a photoshoped one made by some random guy who was bored, and wanted to start rumours.

    5.) i wish they would bring back the 60gb one too. Try ebay and you might be lucky to find one, but honestly people sell those ones for way too expensive, so instead buy the 80gb MGS4 bundled ps3. Ebay might still have a few of these, and these ones are backwards compatible. They are basically the 60gb version just with 20 more gb sspace and the ps2 backwards compatible is compatible through the harddrive and not hardware(No difference)

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