Home Playstation Forum when u buy the mgs4 ps3 80gb bundle what comes in it

when u buy the mgs4 ps3 80gb bundle what comes in it


im just wondering cuse i might get it i just need to no like does it come with the eathernet cable and how many controllers it has with it

and other things it comes with

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  1. You can download Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes for free here: [url is not allowed]

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    Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is one of the two parts in which Metal Gear Solid V is divided.

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  2. First off, good luck finding that one. I just bought the MGS4 PS3 packet and looked EVERYWHERE for it. Apparently every store is running out prepping for the new 80 GB, so if you can find it, more power to you. Anyway here is what is in the box:


    Dualshock 3

    A voucher for Pain download

    AV cables

    USB Cable

    Power Cable

    Metal Gear Solid 4

    Manuals and Guides

    Ethernet cable.

  3. 1 PS3 console

    1 sixaxis dual shock 3 controler with usb cord

    1 special edition copy of MGS4 guns of the patriots

    1 blu ray disk introduceing you to the playstation network

    1 vouture for a free download of PAIN from the playstation network

    2 diffrent sets of cables to hook up your shiny new PS3

    1 PS3 power cord

    some styrofoam

    a nice ps3 box with old snake on it

    various papers and booklets you will never read

    and some plastic bags that are an extreme asfixiaton hazzard for children under the age of 3

    and the gratification of buying the best game console on the market

  4. it comes with 80 gig ps3, black, 1 dualshack/sixaxis controller, black, AV cord (thing that connet to outlit on wall for electrictacy), ethernet cord, the 3 color wire from ps3 to tv, mgs4, blu ray dvd about ps3, free down load: pain from the dvd about ps3 n usb controller charger cord. the ps3 has 4 usb port n can play ps2 games around 75 %

  5. The bundle comes with the PS3 console, the new dualshock 3 controller (aka sixaxis with rumble feature), the a/v output, a/c adaptor, and a voucher for free downloadable PAIN game. This is from walmart.com so I don’t know if it’s in everyone of them.

  6. Comes with:

    -80GB PS3 system

    -Metal Gear Solid 4 game

    -Dualshock 3 controller

    -USB charging cord

    -AV cable

    -Power Cord

    -Ethernet cable

    -Blu-Ray disc (trailers for PS3 games, etc.)

    -Voucher for free download of the game PAIN from the PlayStation Store

    Additional add-ons that are in the system are:

    -4 USB ports

    -Flash Card readers

    -Super Audio CD Support (like it matters)

    -Limited PS2 compatibility


    comes with ds3[vibration] and mgs4 Ethernet cable and a usb,electricity wire,and last an hdmi wire to connect your tv

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