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What’s wrong with my xbox 360?


I wanted to know if i’m doing something wrong with my xbox 360 because it’s still working. I bought it 7 years ago and it hasn’t broken yet. Not sure if i’m giving it too much ventilation or not kicking it enough? I’ve used it pretty consistently over the years and it’s one of the earliest models so by all rights it should have at least rrod’d by now. According to the back it was build in october of 2006 and it’s the 360 pro 20gb model if that helps.

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  1. You are one of the lucky ones. I know of ONE person that has one of those early models that still works and he never had to get it repaired.

    It’s incredibly rare, but can happen. The failure rate was at least 50/50 and that’s being generous, it was probably more like 75%. Usually if they don’t red ring they start having issues reading games.

  2. Try blocking the fans with a pen or something long and skinny to fit between the blades. It should fail within a few minutes. Or you could get a cat and get it to lay down by the xbox and then proceed to.pet it and pet it.and.pet it.and then repeat the process 50 times. If that doesn’t work.take it to the shower with you and get it nice and wet.(bring the cat with you to make it interesting.they LOVE water).AND if that doesn’t work.call me and I will trade you mine.I am sure you will have better luck with it.

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