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What is a Fun Game for Xbox 360?


I have 360 and I want to know what are good games and I have Fifa 08 Ultimate alliance but my forza 2 has a huge scratch like a perfect circle on it

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  1. Gears of War the first epic must have title for xbox 360. Local 2 player co-op online co-op online 4 on 4 matches.

    Call of Duty 4 the first of the series to stray away from ww2 great game, great story, great graphics, by far a must have title.

    Halo 3, if you played the first then finish the fight with the last of the franchise Halo 3.

    Guitar Hero 3, no need to say much about this title.

    Mass Effect, action rpg great graphics, deep story line, complete voice over seens, if you love rpgs with out the turn based strategy element you won’t want to skip this game.

    The orange box: 5 games in one, including all episodes of half life, the portal and team fortress 2.

    Assassins Creed, some what over rated but still not to be over looked, first game set in the era, stealth, strategy type, graphics, story, combat, great game.

    Ace Combat 6, the first Ace Combat game on a Microsoft console and its exsclusive, great visuals, many plains, with more via xbox live downloadable content, fast paced but easy to pick up and play.

    Naruto, the only next gen Naruto game not set in shippuden era but if your a fan of the series you’ll appreciate the game.

    Saints Row, okay yes GTA4 comes out April.29th and Saint’s Row 2 later this year but don’t be fooled this game is great and by far the best sandbox game other than gta of course but make your character and take to the streets of still water.

    There are many more but these I have actually played and enjoyed every minute, check out http://www.xbox.com

  2. Call of Duty 4, one of the most life like video games ever. You actually feel like your in the missions and sniping the people down. Also Halo 3 of course. Skate is a great game too, also very life like, you control all your skaters moves. And pre-order grand theft auto 4. Hyped up so much it better be good.

  3. Let me guess. You had your 360 up on its side and while it was running. you flipped it over on its bottom? I done the same thing with my Dead Rising game and it put a huge scratch in a circle on the disc. I was gonna say Dead Rising is fun, its great, you can run over zombies in a car, like hundreds of them in a tunnell, run em over with a mower, slice them into with Katana blades, and dress up like a woman lol.

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