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What do you want in Star Wars Battlefront 3?


I remeber battlefront 2, playing it with my friends on the ps2 hours upon hours. I really hope that they dont screw up battlefront 3 like most games are getting screwed up now and days. This is personally what I want.

1. Singleplayer like battlefront 1&2. I loved how they made you a normal soldier, you could easily get killed by any bot there. You werent a god umong the battlefeild (cough cough cod and battlefeild.)

2. NO EXCLUSIVES. The moment they make it a xbone exclusive will be the moment it dies. Same with ps4.

3. cmon, dont even put DLC into the game. Nothing like the sort! No skins, no premium, no micro-dlc, NOTHING. The original battlefront was SO much better than most fps coming out now and days.

4. Please, please, PLEASE take your time. dont relese a broken game like you did Battlefeild 4 dice! Forget EA, they are only making junk now, find a better publisher if you havnt already!

Those were a few of the things I want/dont want in battlefront 3. Tell me your thoughts about it!


  1. Knowing DICE the past several years, they’ll screw up Battlefront entirely. And DICE is EA, so there’s no separation possible there, and please keep in mind that the publisher simply publishes the game while the developer actually does everything related to the development of it. DLC will happen, so just suck it up and deal with it because it’s here to stay (buy it or don’t buy it, but if you buy the game then you lose the right to complain about DLC and other forms of in-game content being there since you didn’t care enough to not buy the game in the first place knowing it would be there). Console exclusivity will not happen.

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