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  1. I really enjoyed Aiden. He is alot better than other Ubisoft hero's. You have Ezio who is charming, but not scary. Then Aiden is just dark and gruff. I like charaters who are just dark like that.

  2. I didnt think game was a fail i thought it was good , the multiplayer not so much but the campaign was very good and i enjoyed it

  3. I feel like gta 5 has ruined the open world market by making all other games look crap but hey there's a reason for that,it's awesome.

  4. Didn't watch this because I never played the game. I do know that Watch Dogs received hate, and I don't know why. If it's because of the graphics, that's a stupid reason. Graphics shouldn't matter at all. I hope the gameplay is awesome. 🙂

  5. I got this game from a friend for 15 euro because he plays on pc so he doesnt play ps4 anymore.Awesome buy.

  6. Bought this for €14.99 today on the PS Store, can't wait for it to download so I can play it! 🙂

  7. plz someone answer……
    i want to buy a new game on ps3 and i want to ask is watch dogs better than skyrim ?

  8. fr these people are chill and nerdy but turn around and kill 5 people without feeling bad. Makes no sense since that makes dedsec hypocritical

  9. The difficulty has definitely been cranked up with Watchdogs 2, in my opinion it's much more difficult than the first game. When I played the first game I was immediately able to progress all the way through the game, I can't progress at all with Watchdogs 2 though, almost as soon as the game started I quickly became stuck on a very difficult part and was unable to progress any further lol. I completed the first game very quickly though.

  10. no decryption mode online? WTF….most popular online game mode is missing, what a dumb move. only 2player online? I took the game back after a week n bought watch dogs 1 again. bs

  11. still no first person view camera option ? How about that, you create an open world game and make people watch their own character the entire time like an erection that doesnt want to go away.

  12. The graphics could've been way better. I mean, for today's standards? Seriously, if you didn't tell me I'd think this was made back in 2009

  13. Why dafaq are IGN reviewers trying to speak shakespears language.Infact why can't all reviewers and critics speak in a simple language instead of describing a game or film like reading a novel.

  14. Aiden Pearce replaced by a bunch of cringey hipster c@#%s.

    I finished Watch Dogs 1. I rented watch dogs 2 and played it less than 3hrs in a few days & returned it because couldn't cope with the cringey hipster dialogue/script at certain parts, well most times. The game bored me and wanted to rent other games I'll add it to my rent list since I've played most things now & I'll force myself to look past the cringey characters.

  15. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. I believe most people felt this way with the sequel, and chose not to buy Watch Dogs 2. After seeing this review I may give the game a chance.

  16. am i the only one that liked the first game more than this one. i finished the first one in a blink and this i didn't even bother to.

  17. Honestly I like WD1's story and serious tone than this one…but the gameplay and variety in WD2 is better…oh well

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