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Wander Review – Worth a Buy?


Wander Review - Worth a Buy?

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  1. I love the bell. I couldn't stop laughing. Glad I found your video, was actually thinking about getting the game.

  2. you are fucking awesomex'DDD thank you, i didnt have to waste money on this gamex'DDD im laughing my ass off holy shitx'DD

  3. + 1 like awesome best part of this game has been your review. I can't stay awake. it's not as advertised. I'm on ps4 and can't do any of the signs , ill never change out of being this tree

  4. Mack, im in the process of full sail orientation. i love and respect your game values.we are in the cusp of making dents in the industry. 77thousand dollar tuition, mack! Pay attention. drunk! pissed! but celebrating, fuck yeah! lets change it around.

  5. I guess the alphabet in this game is Georgian alphabet. I forgot how to read it, since it's been 10 years the last time I've tried to read but yeah, I guess it's Georgian.

  6. Gee. This is worse than Gone Home and Gone Home is SO OVERRATED AND CRAP it isn't even a game!

  7. it's currently on sale on PS4 and I thought "oh this game looks nice, it's on sale I'm going to buy it. but first I need to see a review." long story short I'm here, you saved me money, I had a laugh with this review and now I'm subscribing.

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