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Two Worlds - Xbox 360


  1. Any one who says this game sucks can go jump off a cliff to land on some big mother fucking spikes and fucking die. This game is fun. Any one who plays a game for 5 minutes and then rates it as bad should not play games at all. And if you cant beat 6 wolves you got some fucking problems, wolves are weak, go back to easy.

  2. The trailer for this game looks cool, but I couldn't play ten minutes of it without wanting to piss on the disk, light it on fire, and shove it up Southpeak's ass. Two Worlds was one of the worst games I've ever played. The graphic's suck, the fighting sucks, the dialogue sucks, and the monsters were too damn powerful at the start of the game. I got ganged up on by six wolves as soon as I got out of that stupid cave in the beginning. And it had too many stat upgrades you had to keep track of.

  3. Is this game anywhere near Baldurs Gate? my sister & I have been looking for something we can play that is close, we own 2 360s.

  4. i know a lot of people HATED this game, but i played it, and it was not that bad as people say, actually it felt like oblivion and fable in third person kinda, seriously. i think people bag on it cause the online is shitty but its not that bad of a game, i had some fun with it it like any other 1 player rpg

  5. i love this game but for one problem and a major one it when you are in town and you hit one person even not on perpose but everybody attcks you and when you die they still attack you so you never can go back in other games once you die they stop and you can go back but not this game but it still fun and i would tell sombody about it

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